Sunday, June 3, 2007

Are you going to get an iPhone?

So it has finally been confirmed, after much speculation, the iPhone is coming out on June 29. The iPhone is probably the most talked about gadget this year. It's a high tech smartphone and ipod all rolled into one sleek, cool looking gadget. If there's a gadget out there that can get you laid, this is it. However, if you want one, you are going to have to break that piggy bank. To get the 4 Gb iphone, you'll have to pony up around $500.00, and if you want the 8 Gb... that will be around $600.00. For that price you can buy a PS3, an XBox 360, or a couple of Wiis. I am sure, however, that it will be one of the fastest selling items this year.

...and who doesn't like apple?...

Well, I am not getting an iPhone. Why? First off, it is not the latest technology. Japanese cell phones can kick iPhone's ass anytime. Japanese (or European) cell phones are at least a generation ahead of American phones. I am not going to pony up $500 for a technology that is going to be out of date in six months. Second, OS X is amazing software (my wife has a mac, and I love it) but that's about the extent of my love for apple software. It's not that it's bad software, it's that there are usually better, cheaper alternatives to apple software. As a matter of fact, I flashed my ipod mini with RockBox fimware, and it rocks my world (cheap pun intended). Not only does it allow more customization, but it is plugin based, open source, and I swear I think the damn thing sounds better now.

iPods bring me to apple's historical weak spot: hardware. Apple's infamous for selling crappy hardware. I've heard stories of Macbooks falling apart at the seams, iPod nanos getting scratched, even the mighty mouse having issues. Honestly, I cannot complain personally about apple produced hardware. I own a 3 year old iPod mini, and it runs fine. I own 2 mighty mice, one Bluetooth and one corded, and they run like they are expected to run. My wife has a Macbook, and except for a gray screen of death the other day, she loves it, and after a few months it is still in (almost) mint condition. So even though I cannot argue against apple's hardware quality from personal experience, I really do not think that all of the stories I've heard are made up. Finally, the main reason why I am not getting an iPhone is because I have my eyes set on another beauty. I have to admit that I have become addicted to open source software. I cannot live any more without the freedom that open source has brought to my experience with technology.

So before spending my hard earned money on a slick, sexy apple phone, I will bet my money on the dark horse, the OpenMoko project. Not only does their phone look amazing, it will also be fully customizable to fit my needs. I can make it look like an iPhone if I want to. I can have whatever utilities I want, even write my own applications if I want to!! Oh, and one final reason why I won't buy one of those iPhones: I don't need the latest gadget to get laid... ask my wife.
**Update: After reading this article on Forbes I am further determined not no get an iPhone. Sexiness does not beat no 3G, no GPS, no battery life (and no ability to switch batteries), price, and AT&T.

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