Sunday, July 1, 2007

Do You Believe Extraterrestrials Are Visiting Us?

What seems like a long time ago, I used to believe in UFOs, extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories... And then, right after those infamous videos of alien autopsies that were proven to be hoaxes, I became a skeptic....

However, after reading this article this weekend I began to wonder... Could this really be true? Do governments really know that aliens from outer space are visiting us and they are not telling us?

And then I read this. The transcript of an interview with a reptilian being, whose underground society predates us, and is warning us of horrible, horrible disasters. This is a hoax, right? If this race of "dinosaur humanoids" exists, we would have figured out by now... right?

I do believe that there are intelligent beings out there. The Universe is unimaginably immense, and it is ludicrous for us to believe that the Earth is the only living planet, let alone humans the only [vaguely] intelligent species.

I am mostly skeptical about these visitors from outer space, but I wonder, how many people truly believe that there are races of more highly advance civilizations visiting us?

I am posting this question, out of curiosity, to see how many people do believe in extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth. I may be surprised at the numbers.... then again, maybe not.

I've set up a poll to see how many people do believe:

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Prem said...

Haut's affidavit, is something that has emerged rite now and only time will tell whether it is authentic or not! However in my opinion, the release is completely suspect, given the Roswell 60th Anniversary was coming up!
I for one believe that there is an element of truth to the whole UFO phenomenon. But I seriously doubt that all of them might be ET crafts! May be some are, but i dont know. But most of the most famous reports, backed not only by witness testimonies, but also by physical trace evidences all point to something more bizzare than the ET hypothesis. I concur with Dr. Jacques Vallee's hypothesis that the UFOs might represent some kinda control system that is shaping the human belief process. In the ancient times it was the apparitions of Virgin Mary and so on, but now they are UFOs. It all boils down to the sourcing u see! Whether they are extra dimensional, or extra terrestrial, or angelic or demonic in nature, this is one thing that is truly unexplained!

Loved ur site! Came here directly from Digg, where ur article on problems to be expected for a newbie migrating to linux was linked! am a linux user for the past 8 years too!


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