Sunday, July 8, 2007

WTF? Creationist Silliness Brought To a New Level

I am not even going to comment on these videos. Creationists are desperate to come up with something that will disprove evolution, and they use their stupid pseudo-science logic crap as ULTIMATE EVIDENCE THAT EVOLUTION IS A FRAUD. Give me a break....

Do I see Kirk Cameron laughing at this guy?

OBVIOUSLY... That a fucking ant doesn't pop out of my peanut butter every time I open a jar disproves evolution WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT.

All I have to say is:

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chiron613 said...

OK, so God made the banana to fit the human hand, gave it a non-slip grip, even a pull-tab so you can open it and peel it. Fine, I'll buy that. Sure, why not?

So, what about pineapples, coconuts, that sort of thing? Maybe God doesn't want us to eat those?

IIRC, when Louis Pasteur disproved the theory of spontaneous generation (that is, that life can arise from non-living matter), he got into trouble with the church people of his day who claimed that this violated some teaching (could be wrong about this, but the notion rings a bell).

What this clip failed to note was that the theory of the origins of life are incomplete (that is, scientists don't claim to know exactly how it happened), and the theory states that certain organic chemicals were created by that energy - not full-blown living entities. The idea is that these organic chemicals were created and interacted, sometimes resulting in complex molecules, some of which may have exhibited certain behavior that is similar to how living things now behave. These molecules, in turn, could combine and interact, causing even more complex and adaptable entities.

Even the Bible hints at this - energy interacting with matter (the earth being there, then "Let there be light - energy").

So the biblical idea of energy interacting with matter to form life is OK, but anyone else's is wrong. Sure, fine...

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