Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Top 3 CGI Animation Shorts in Youtube

Youtube holds millions of amateur and not so amateur videos and short films. There are very few however, that really stand out. Here are my 3 favorite animation shorts on Youtube. I rated them according to originality, plot, and animation quality.

Third Place: Gopher Broke - Blur Studios

Very well made short about a gopher conniving how to get food from a farmer's truck. Flawless CGI animation, and great use of music to set the mood. The main character, the gopher, is instantaneously likeable. I did find, however, that the plot reminded me of the classic "Coyote and Roadrunner" gags, always funny, but not very original.

Second Place: Kiwi! - Madyeti47

If the "Gopher" short lacked originality, Kiwi! is nothing but original. This wonderful animation piece was the Masters Thesis for animator Dony (Madyeti47 in Youtube). The effects are very minimalistic, very little detail or textures. Regardless, you immediately grow attached to the likeable little kiwi bird (flightless bird native to New Zealand), and wonder until the end of the short what he really is up to. I really, really like the way Dony uses the music, imperceptibly changing the mood of the viewer midway through the short.

First Place: Here Come the Chub Chubs - Sony Pictures

Amazing animation short played right before Men in Black II, in 2002. The aliens in this short are brightly colored, have weird caricaturesque shapes and funny voices, ideal traits for CGI characters. It is not set on Earth, but everyone can relate to the poor little clumsy bus-boy who just wants to sing and be left alone by his bully boss. It has the right amount of funny, right amount of plot and character development, a hint towards Star Wars fans, and an unexpected ending.

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